2018-2019 WBHL: INTRO TO HOCKEY Development And Evaluations **REVISED**

Sep. 12, 2018

Hello Everyone 

Hockey Canada mandate for half-ice novice hockey game play will take effect at the beginning of the 2019/2020 hockey season.   The "Game Play" model was designed to maximize the opportunity to engage all players in the game, with the primary focus on age appropriate training, specifically skill development in the areas of skating, puck control, passing, receiving and shooting.  
FMMHA has made that we will take advantage of the transition year and our 2nd year Novice players will play full Ice Hockey, while Novice Minor will start the half ice model.    We will see no change in the structure of initiation other then the division of Age groups  into new divisions by age as follows: 
  • Minor Initiation      Born 2013 (including any 2014 underage players) - Director: Amy McMorran
  • Major initiation      Born in 2012  -  Director: Alexis Bingle
  • Minor Novice        Born in 2011  - Director: Will Eros  
  • Major Novice        Born in 2010 - Director: Ryan Wood 
Within the Major and Minor Divisions, players will be tiered based on skating levels. The number of teams and tiers will be decided by the directors as they see the results from the evaluations.  

Evaluations are scheduled as Follows: 

Please note you will receive an email from your director with your Childs timeslot.    Please shoe up at the times assigned to you by your director.  

Novice Major:   Mac Island #2  

  Sept 22 - Skills - 8:00AM -2:15PM
  Sept 23 - Scrimmages - 7:45AM -1:45PM 

Novice Minor:   Casman

  Sept 29 - Skills - 11:45AM -6:5PM
  Sept 30 - Scrimmages - 8:00AM -3:00PM

Initiation Major:   Frank Lacroix

  Sept 29 - Skills - 7:45AM -3:00M
  Sept 30 - Scrimmages - 1:00AM -5:00PM

Initiation Minor: Mac Island #2  

  Sept 30 - Skills - 7:45AM -1:45 PM 

Development Ice

 To Ensure all Players have the opportunity to attend at least 2 sessions we ask that you sign up for only 2 Sessions.   24 Hours prior to a session you may join if there is space to get in more

NOVICE Minor & Major-   There are 3 types of  Sessions in the Sign Up Genius.  AE(Athletic Edge)  is Focused on Power Skating.     TAD (Total Athlete Development ) - Is focused on Skills   and Stick and puck is an open Skate for players to put on their gear and play around.   If your child is a BRAND NEW skater please feel free to join the Learn to Skate Sessions in initiation 


INITIATION Minor and Major - Because of abilities at this age group we have decided not to have development partner ice and go with open and parent and me Ice.  However,  once teams are formed and we have coaches we will set up development for these players to continue developing their skating 

CLICK HERE FOR Stick and Puck is for players to go on the Ice on their own and play around.  Coaches will be available to work with individual players one on one.  This is intended for those players who can Skate. 

CLICK HERE FOR Open Ice is for Brand New Skaters who need some extra support and have a parent who can help them get comfortable in their Gear and can help them learn to skate.   We wil have coaches come out and help any players/parents who need it.   This is Intended for players who are not yet skating





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