2018-2019 WBHL Season update

Oct. 10, 2018

Hello Everyone,  
We are happy to see all Divisions are kicking off and may have now moved to permanent teams and we are beginning to stabilize.    Please note that player movement to equalize teams may and can happen up until November 1st,  and all movement will be communicated through Division Directors.     A few things to note:
1. Anzac Ice - As previously communicated, although we have grown tremendously over the years, the municipality has not increased our ice allocation. Therefore to maximize ice time per player and team we are using as much of the Anzac Ice as possible. We understand the longer commute to the rink that comes with having an ice time at Anzac, but we expect all teams to attend these times. We also understand that the current October Ice Schedule is not ideal for start and end times and  we have made changes for November and onward to start in Anzac later then 6PM and ensure players are off the ice by 9pm during weekdays.  Ice is divided evenly between divisions and Directors are ensuring the ice is divided fairly amongst their teams.  
2. Respect in Sport Parent and Leader - many of our members are due to complete their RIS. If you have not completed this as a parent your child is considered ineligible to participate until is has been completed. If you are a coach - you may not participate as a team leader or coach until it has been completed.   Any Player who's parent has not completed this 1hour online course by Nov 1, 2018  will not be allowed on the ice,  and will prevent their team from traveling.    Coaches, please also note RIS activity leader is a separate course and must be completed by all coaches on your roster. 
3. Questions & Concerns - must be done via the appropriate means. Please voice all concerns with your Manager, or Director. If it's something they are unable to assist with or feel that it needs to move up to the next level, they will forward to the right board member. Elite Stream questions go to your Director - Ian Kenny and all House League questions go to your Division Director.      By bypassing Directors and coming straight to the board you forfeit the right to appeal any decisions. Please understand all directors are volunteers with families and have full time jobs. Please give directors 72 hours to respond to your emails and understand their are many requests in every que.   Please also note that directors and board members should be contacted through email and not other channels such as  Facebook messenger 
4. Social Media - While we do have FB pages for each house league division and most elite stream teams. This is a place for notes, quick info, memos and positive reinforcement. Please do not use the pages as a means of communicating  concerns or complaints to a manager, coach or division director. Please do not use your own social media as a means of targeting the FMMHA. We cannot help if we are unaware of a situation. So please be proactive and advise the appropriate member in the appropriate way. Negative talk about the work any volunteer does is not helpful and can also be interpreted as slander.    
5. Team Movement - as stated above,  our house league is up and running. With the exception of coach determined re-evaluations, or director determined team equalization there will not be any player movement. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Just as we don't choose our teachers or our bosses, we do not choose our coaches or teammates. It's a life skill and a learning opportunity for kids to experience all types of leadership styles and to make new friends.  
6. TeamSnap - Again as previously communicated we have moved from RAMP to TeamSnap. Invites are sent to your primary email on your account, you can sign in and invite additional family members on your own or your managers will be able to help you do so.  All schedules will be posted on line - Individual schedules will NOT be coming out though email. You can connect snap to your calendar if you choose to do so.  
We are looking forward to everyone having a great season with lots of fun and development


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